Tekken 7 Adds Armor King and Craig Marduk to the Roster; Available Today

Bandai Namco announced during the Tekken World Tour Finals event in Amsterdam this past weekend that two characters will return to the Tekken series in Tekken 7 as playable fighters, Armor King and Craig Marduk.

The jaguar luchador wearing fighter Armor King and Vale Tudo-champion Marduk have had a long-standing beef since Marduk killed the original Armor King, who was Armor King’s brother and wrestling partner, during a bar fight in Tekken 4. Since that encounter, the rivalry has raged between the two fighters. Now that their injuries from a recent brawl have healed, which forced them to sit out of the Iron Fist Tournament, the two will definitely meet again.

Both fighters will be available at the following times on December 3, 2018:

  • PlayStation 4: 9:00 AM PT
  • Xbox One: 9:00 AM PT
  • STEAM: 10:00 AM PT

Additionally, the publisher released two new trailers showing gameplay from both fighters, including the inclusion of Julia Change, who will be added to the roster later. The trailers show off gameplay and movesets of the two fighters included their specials. The fighters are included in the game’s Season Pass 2.

Tekken 7 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC-via Steam.

You can check out the gameplay trailer below:

Author’s take: Tekken 7’s storyline is awesome. I just love how they go about justifying why fighters aren’t on the roster yet.

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