Tears of Themis Summer Update Introduces New Story Quests and Festival Event

Tears of Themis has just begun its summer celebration event where players can play a special board game and complete a puzzle to get rewards such as S-Chips, Tears of Themis, and Oracles of Justice, a vital item for upgrading your cards. The story quest also got a new update, where players can now experience Part 2 of the “Sins of Cynicism” story quest and uncover more mysteries as the plot deepens even further.

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The board game is straightforward; roll the dice and watch the events play out when you land on a special space. Dice can be obtained by clearing quests during the event. These quests are generally simple, such as spending a certain amount of AP or clearing certain Assessment Quests. Various items such as the Loaded Die and Rollerblades are also available, which allow the player to either move across the board very quickly or strategically utilize the spaces.

You can also change your partner’s chibi character at any time by tapping them on the board. Changing the character will also change how each event plays out, and you’ll occasionally get some special interactions.


EXP can also be earned throughout the event, which will get you “Colorful Lantern” rewards. There is also the “Gorgeous Lantern” tier; if you purchase the $14.99 pack and yeah, I don’t have to say any further, do I? This is fundamentally a Battle Pass in the form of an event that costs a pretty high asking price. This design choice further shocks me with how aggressive the micro-transaction push in Tears of Themis is. I don’t think I even recall Genshin Impact pushing microtransactions so heavily like this. I can’t really recommend shelling out this much cash for a limited pass that will vanish after the event ends.

A new gacha banner is also available, where players can try their hand and pull special Summer themed SSRs of Luke, Vyn, and Artem. If you’re a Marius fan, you’ll be able to get a copy of his SR for free via the event by reaching LV 30 on the Battle Pass or LV 20 if you obtain the paid tier.

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Tears of Themis is currently available on mobile.

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