Tears of Themis Celebrates Luke Pearce’s Birthday with New ‘Sweet Felicity’ Limited-Time Event

Tears of Themis Celebrates Luke Pearce’s Birthday with New ‘Sweet Felicity’ Limited-Time Event

Developer HoYoverse has just announced that their otome mobile game Tears of Themis will be holding a series of limited-time events to celebrate the birthday of Luke Pearce, one of the game’s four main leads.

During the event, players can complete the limited-time tasks and Travel Wishes to get various limited rewards, and enjoy their time with Luke, while reminiscing over his childhood and school days with the protagonist. Furthermore, the Luke All Year-Round and Redolent Nonage birthday events from previous years will also make a return on November 25 and November 28 respectively, alongside their Shadow of Themis, giving players a second chance at those cards.

The Luke Pearce [Thoughts] R card, the Felicity birthday-limited Outfit, the Luke’s Childhood Bedroom Background, the Sweet Felicity event Badge, Tears of Themis, and more can all be obtained with the event. Furthermore, the Time-Limited Total Purchases event will also be available, with the Childhood Joys Lounge Furniture set (10 pieces), Tears of Themis, and the Dream – Childhood Namecard.

tears of themis luke bday 3rd 1

And last, but certainly not least, players can obtain the adorable new Luke SSR on the Burning Reminiscence Shadow of Themis at a rate-up. By unlocking his card story, players can take a peek into the heart of Luke as a child, learning about past incidents and understanding the origin of his fervent feelings towards the protagonist. You can view the pictures of this card in the gallery below:

luke bday card unbloomed
luke bday card bloomed

Tears of Themis is currently available for Android and iOS, with game text is available in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean, and dubbing available in Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) Japanese, and Korean.

You can watch the trailer for the limited-time event here:

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