Team Ninja Addresses Dead or Alive 6 Hair Color DLC and Promises to “Mitigate” the Issue

We all know by now that Koei Tecmo really loves their DLC. More specifically, the Team NINJA-developer fighter Dead or Alive series really loves its DLC. Over the years, it’s something fans have just become used to across several season passes, which taunted players with new costumes for the roster of fighters.

Well, it seems that in a recent update, the company has gone too far. They’ve allowed players to purchase DLC that changes the hair color of the characters within Dead or Alive 6. Regardless of all the previous DLC, it was the hair that crossed the line for fans, and they are requesting that the developer possibly make it a free feature.

Well, they may have just got their request. The developer shared a post on their Twitter with the following statement:

Dear fans,

We hear and acknowledge your disappointment behind our roll out of the new hair color feature for DOA6. We greatly appreciate your feedback, and are working towards a solution that helps to mitigate this issue and will share our plans in the coming days.

We apologize for our misstep, and are working hard to resolve this situation. We thank you in advance for your patience and hope you continue to enjoy DOA6.

The hair in question can be purchased using Premium Tickets in-game. These tickets can be purchased in bundles of 2 to 50, with each new hair color costing about one ticket, or $1. Furthermore, things get even more complicated since this doesn’t actually unlock the new hair color to be used and switched freely with other colors owed. To switch colors again, this will cost another ticket, even if you already purchased the color.

So fans might have to wait for something to be announced, but it seems like Team NINJA is going to fix the issue. If this involves free DLC for everyone, I wouldn’t mind calling it even for the bathing suit set.

In case you missed it, a new character was recently revealed.

Dead or Alive 6 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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