Tchia Achieves 1 Million Players Worldwide, Accolades Trailer; Physical Oléti Release July 2023, Includes Cosmetics

Kepler Interactive announced that the Awaceb-developed open-world adventure game Tchia has achieved over one million players worldwide in six weeks across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. For those confused by the precise phrasing, the title is available for PlayStation Plus Extra tier subscribers at no extra cost, hence why this feat isn’t attributed to sales. 

Further, the developer is partnering with Maximum Games for a physical PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 version of the title, launching on July 18, 2023, with pre-orders now available from select retailers. This Oléti edition will include boat, ukulele, glider, and outfit customization items inspired by the publisher’s other games, such as Sifu and Cat Quest.

Tchia is an open-world adventure where the main protagonist Tchia sets off on a quest to rescue her father. During gameplay, players can climb, glide, swim, and sail their boat around islands as they interact with the world and fight enemies. Crafting is also available.

With the addition of sailing, swimming, and a mechanic called Soul-Jumping that provides control over any animal or object in the world, this experience truly appears to be a delightful playground. Still, the protagonist will grant vocal hints about the current location she is at, so there is some basis of context.

You can view the accolades trailer for Tchia below:

Tchia is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

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