Tamayura Mirai Voice Actresses Share Message for International Fans through Shiravune’s Twitter Account

Publisher Shiravune has shared comments from the Tamayura Mirai voice actresses through their Twitter account. The visual novel developed by Azurite was released on PC (Steam, Johren) on May 11, 2023, with English and Chinese subtitles and Japanese voice-acting.

Tamayura Mirai is a fantasy rom-com story about a sorcerer boy living in the countryside town of Fukano. Being the descendant of a long lineage of sorcerers, he finds himself living between the human world and the realm of spirits and youkai. He has four love interests in the game, and their voice actresses are the ones who shared comments for overseas players.

Cinnamon Yatsuhashi voices Yukina Kamikake. When asked about her character, she comments on how she expected the girl to have an icy, straight-laced tendency but was endeared by her witticisms as she acted her lines. She also comments that Yukina has a reason to be wary of the protagonist and that she hopes the players’ hearts will skip a beat getting closer to her sweet side.

tamayura mirai cinnamon yatsuhashi

Yui Kusuhara, the voice actress behind blonde beauty Midari Suishouseki, highlights the fact her character is a succubus who isn’t very good with sexual stuff. She really likes how pure the character is and how she gets embarrassed by her succubus instincts. She recommends the game for those looking for a heartwarming experience of spending time with these cute characters.

tamayura mirai yui kusuhara

Hana Anzu, the voice actress behind Hanako Nekotengu, highlights that despite how famous the “Hanako of the Stalls” spirit stories are in Japan, her character still felt fresh and unique. She loved how she gives the impression of being mentally and physically strong while still acting cute by doing things her pace. She considered the dialogue heartmelting and wants even more players to get to know the game now that it has a Steam version.

tamayura mirai hanako nekotengu

Finally, Mitsu Anzu, the voice actress behind Shiro Kohaku, comments on how her character is a tiny girl who’s actually an older sister as well as filling the tropes for “girl next door” and “first crush”. She commented that voicing her was a little tough at times because of her high spirits. She also asks players to please see Shiro’s story to its conclusion.

tamayura mirai mitsu anzu

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