Visual Novel ‘Tamayura Mirai’ Gets May Release Date in the West

Publisher Shiravune has announced the English version of Tamayura Mirai, a fantasy rom-com visual novel developed by Azurite (Mysteries of the Heart: The Psychic Detective Case Files), will release on PC via Steam on May 12, 2023. The title will also be available on Johren, with an adult patch option.

Tamayura Mirai is written by Nissy (Wagamama High Spec‘s Toa route, Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche‘s Akane route) and Touta (Sabbat of the WitchFloral Flowlove), and it includes illustrations by Ameto Yuki (Fureraba), Izumi Nanase and Matsumiya Kiseri (Floral Flowlove) with SD art by Yuzuki Gao (Floral Flowlove). The title won the Moege Award as a “User Favorite” back in 2019.

The story takes place in a town called Fukano which seems to have some connection to the supernatural, as humans and youkai used to live there in harmony. Though this is said to have happened a long time ago, even now, there’s something in the air that makes it seem otherworldly.

Mutsuki Yohane is a young boy from a lineage of sorcerers who lives in this place. After a specific incident, he continues to dive deep into the inexplicable phenomena that afflict Fukano trying to help humans and non-humans to coexist peacefully.

During summer vacation, a young woman called Yukina Kamikake goes back to Fukano looking for “something she lost,” which she calls Otsuki. This girl has a lot of magical power, and her meeting with the protagonist will set the events of the story into motion. She’s voiced by Yatsuhashi Cinnamon, who also worked as Yuuri Miyakaze in Trinoline and Mikuri Amamiya in Amairo Chocolate.

Other important characters in Tamayura Mirai include the high-class girl, Midari Suishouseki (VA: Kusuhara Yui); the unexpressive maid, Hanako Nekotengu (VA: Anzu Hana); and the older sister who looks petite, Shiro Kohaku (VA: Anzu Mitsu). Each of them is somehow connected to the protagonist and the spirit world, which should be further explored in the branching routes.

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