MMORPG ‘Talion’ Opens US and EU Pre-Registration for In-Game Rewards

MMORPG ‘Talion’ Opens US and EU Pre-Registration for In-Game Rewards

Gamevil announced that pre-registration for the MMORPG Talion has opened for iOS and Android users in the US and EU.

Talion is a 3D open-world MMORPG that features 20 vs. 20 large scale player versus player battles. The developers are aiming to deliver a high-quality graphical experience for players with in-game features including a full 3D view with 360-degree view control. The game also has a character customization system that allows players to adjust and customize 48 different points of the character to make them as unique as they’d like.

Talion launched in Russia, Southeast Asia, and Japan to which it has gained a fan base in each region. US and EU players can now pre-register the game for their devices to receive it at launch along with in-game currency and items as rewards. On top of this, Gamevil is also running a unique follower-based campaign which will reward all players with items when their collective follower count reaches 30,000. What makes this unique is that the collective followers are totaled from their Facebook pageYoutube channel, and Discord server.

An official release date has not been announced for Talion at this time, but details should be coming soon.

You can check out a trailer for the game showing the customization feature:

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