Tales of Wind Review – A Great MMORPG on the Go

Tales of Wind Review – A Great MMORPG on the Go

There’s a vast list of MMORPGs for mobile devices that flood stores, so it’s difficult to pick a truly good one out of the bunch. Developer Neocraft has luckily presented one of the better ones on the market with Tales of Wind. It does what you would expect of a good MMORPG with simple yet deep gameplay, cute visuals, a serviceable story, and even voice acting. While it’s extremely bad voice acting, it’s still nice to see the developer add that touch.

Tales of Wind takes place in the land of Arlesdore, which has been inhabited by demons who cause chaos all over the region. It’s up to the player to find out why these demons have appeared and fight to banish them once and for all in order to bring light back to Arlesdore. While this is pretty much standard storytelling for a fantasy MMORPG, I can’t really begin to take it seriously with its voice acting. Even during some of the more serious scenes, such as when one of your comrades has been possessed by a powerful demon, I couldn’t help but laugh the entire time.

This ends up falling into the “it’s so bad that it’s good” category of voice acting. During the game’s dialog, I found a handful of typos that made the quality of the localization feel rushed. Luckily, Neocraft has recently acknowledged this and are working on providing a higher quality localization for western players. They even added plans to add the original Japanese dubbing soon, which I’m looking forward to.

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Let’s give credit to where credit is due, namely with the gameplay, environments, and visuals. Players will get to choose a class for their character which includes a warrior, mage, cleric, and an assassin. Each class feels fun in their own way with a wide variety of abilities to use. For this review, we went with the assassin class. From there, it’s standard MMORPG play with plenty of level-ups and monsters to take down. Gameplay has players kill a bunch of monsters and complete quests in order to gain experience and level up their character.

Furthermore, players can obtain and upgrade a variety of items that can make characters stronger. You know the drill. While it’s standard, Neocraft manages to make the fighting in the game fun to the point where I never felt bored. Strategy is also a feature in the game for the bosses who proved to be challenging enough to the point where I had to make sure I was properly kitted, learn when to engage, and know when to back off.

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Players also have access to abilities that change them into powerful monsters and other beings that give them a new set of abilities and greatly change up the gameplay when they need it. Getting from location to location was easy enough as I could auto-path to my next quest and I didn’t mind it too much since everything in the game is super appealing to the eye.  There’s also the option to auto-battle, but the gameplay is good enough to where I would never turn it on. Eventually, players will have access to a multitude of other fun activities like maintaining their own farm. The developers seems to never want the player to run out of things to do in the whimsical world of Arlesdore and for the most part they do a great job at this.

Certain quests, particularly the Kingdom sidequests, were a bit of a hassle in terms of matchmaking (or lack of it). A majority of them require you to be in a party, but in order to find one, you have to “apply” to a player’s group. Wait times aren’t particularly long, but it made me wonder why a traditional matchmaking system wasn’t put in place instead. The player base seems large enough to support it. However, it didn’t detract too much of my time doing quests, but there were many moments where I’d just stand there waiting for a player to accept me. There are some PVP options too, but they aren’t terribly exciting as battles can be very short depending on the person you’re against.

Tales of Wind packs in a bunch of content that allows for something to do for everyone, which is one of the game’s stronger points. It is definitely one of the better mobile MMORPGs out there, even though it isn’t exactly groundbreaking. While the game’s localization is spotty and the matchmaking can be difficult at times, I had a great time exploring the world and fighting in some pretty epic battles.

Tales of Wind offers enough to players to satisfy their craving for a decent mobile MMORPG that provides enough content to hold the attention of players for a good amount of time. With that said, you won’t exactly be playing it hours on end as many have on World of Warcraft, but it’s an acceptable alternative to the flooded market.

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