Tales of Symphonia Anime Adaptation Receiving Physical Blu-Ray Release 2022

Discotek Media has announced that they will be distributing physical Blu-Ray releases of the Tales of Symphonia anime adaptation.

This OVA series is 11 episodes long, and the physical launch will include unspecified Extra features. Additionally, this version will mark the series’ first physical English release. A 2022 window was provided, but no specific date is yet known. We’ll keep you all updated regarding this upcoming anime release.

Tales of Symphonia is one of the more beloved entries in the franchise, initially being an unexpected Gamecube exclusive. However, it has since seen ports to PC and PlayStation 3, with extra content formerly only available in updated Japan re-releases.

The initial tweet sharing this significant news is viewable below:

In the realm of the Tales of franchise, a fanmade Tales of the Abyss HD Remaster is in progress, and the entire anime adaption was officially uploaded onto YouTube.

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