Tales of Luminaria Will Have Completely Original Cast; Aims to Have Full English Dub and Expand the Brand

Following the unexpected announcement of Tales of Luminaria, a new Tales mobile title revealed at gamescom Opening Night Live 2021, Bandai Namco shared vital tidbits of information regarding the game on their official website.

Tales series producer Yusuke Tomizawa, Tales mobile titles key staff member Yasuhiro Ikeno, and Tales of Luminaria localization producer Sugi specifically, shared their thoughts on this upcoming title and the intentions for its existence.

Tales of Luminaria is being developed as a “challenge” for smartphones in the same vein that Tales of Arise was developed as a “challenge” for consoles. Further, Luminaria has been created with the themes of possibility and discovery in mind. More specifically, the team desires this title to be a gateway to gain more series fans and diversify the brand’s appeal.

This game will have a completely original cast with no characters from other Tales entries making appearances. This is notable as Tales mobile titles usually house dozens upon dozens of fan-favorite Tales characters for popularity. Additionally, this serves to make Luminaria more welcoming to those who have never been exposed to Tales before with the opportunity to grow with an all-new cast like a console entry.

Lastly, a full English dub for Tales of Luminaria is planned, which is a first for the franchise’s mobile outings. It is worth noting that the phrasing used in this message doesn’t necessarily guarantee a full English dub, but more so that the team is challenging themselves to achieve this lofty goal.

A special video containing a slew of new information for Tales of Luminaria is planned for late September, with the date and time having yet to be announced.

You can read the full staff team messages for Tales of Luminaria from Bandai Namco EU’s official website.

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