Tales of Luminaria Officially Ends Service Worldwide

Tales of Luminaria Officially Ends Service Worldwide

Bandai Namco has announced that their free-to-play action RPG, Tales of Luminaria, has now shut down worldwide. The ceasing of service was initially announced in May of this year with a message from the development team saying that while they possessed ambitious intentions to make a free-to-play Tales of mobile experience that would be accessible to fans worldwide, they could simply “not do enough.”

There are no plans to tell the rest of the game’s story in any way, so the countless plot threads and character relationships will likely be forever untouched. To be honest, I do feel somewhat sentimental about all this because I was legitimately invested in Luminaria’s cast and narrative. I’m always entirely against mobile gacha experiences, yet Tales of Luminaria was the first time I was able to overlook those elements and have an enjoyable time.

Still, this is the fate awaiting every gacha title at one point or another. If anything, Tales of Luminaria’s tenuous existence has taught me to avoid mobile games altogether once more because sudden closures like this are a reality, and I don’t believe I can ever genuinely accept gacha systems, even if they’re solely for cosmetics.

At this point, I do wonder if Bandai Namco will be attempting another Tales of mobile title or if we’ll solely be seeing new console releases from here on.

Another Tales of mobile game, Tales of Crestoria, ended service recently too.

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