Tales of Fans Launch HD Patch for Tales of Innocence R

Tales of Fans Launch HD Patch for Tales of Innocence R

Tales of fans Vita3k dev, Macdu, and Pandavenom, in collaboration with Life Bottle Productions, have launched a substantial patch for the Bandai Namco and Alfa System action JRPG Tales of Innocence R. Players can now experience this PlayStation Vita title with enhanced HD visuals via texture replacements.

Due to the game’s native platform, its visuals weren’t exactly a particularly strong suit, so fans took it upon themselves to improve character models and environments to rather impressive extents.

Tales of Innocence R is a 2012 remake of the original 2007 Tales of Innocence that was initially launched on DS. This ninth mainline entry in the franchise has never been localized across either of its iterations. However, there are English fan translations available for both the DS and PlayStation Vita releases. The remake added two new characters, QQ Selezneva and Kongwai Tao.

Tales of Innocence is set in the world of Devaloka, where protagonist Ruca Milda unites with several others who are reincarnations of legendary figures from an ancient war. Because of these youths’ inherent combative capabilities as reincarnated fighters, they’re forced into the frontlines of military endeavors.

You can view comparison shots of the original game’s presentation and the fan-patched one via our gallery below:

You can access the download link for this patch via Vita3K’s announcement tweet.

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