Tales of Crestoria Revealing How it Will Tell The Rest of its Main Story Later This Week

The official Twitter account for the mobile gacha game, Tales of Crestoria, has announced following its confirmed cancellation that details on how the rest of the main story will be told will be given on December 15. This news will be revealed via the title’s Twitter account and Tales Channel Plus.

You can view the tweet announcing this upcoming Tales of Crestoria news below:

Crestoria was announced in September 2018 on Twitter with the opening of its official account, with an English worldwide release confirmed that December during the Tales 23rd Anniversary Livestream, but various behind-the-scenes issues delayed the launch of the game to July 2020.

Despite significant technical issues with the game client, the title gained notoriety for focusing on its story more than previous Tales mobile games. As a result, many wish the game would release for either Switch or PlayStation 4.

In recent months, however, story and event updates had begun to roll out much more slowly, and as of December 1, 2021, the game had no active promotions at all, leading many to predict a forthcoming End of Service announcement, which came through the game’s official Twitter account. The details of the shutdown are as follows:

  • Effective immediately, in-app purchases have been disabled.
  • The existing game and content will remain available until February 6, 2022, at 9 PM PST/12 AM ET.
  • No new content will be added to the game, with the final story update being Chapter 10 Pt 2 on November 25 (The development team has expressed strong interest in finishing the story by other means.) This includes additional features and bug fixes that had been previously announced.
  • The remainder of the Tales of Crestoria webcomic will be released weekly until the server shutdown.

This announcement comes only a month after the worldwide launch of the most recent Tales mobile title, Tales of Luminaria, with many fans hesitating to support any new mobile titles in the franchise due to the short life of all of them its worldwide releases. While Japan will, even after this shutdown, still have three active titles, Luminaria, Rays, and Asteria, global users will only have Luminaria, as the global client for Rays closed only ten months after launch.

The team has thanked fans for their support for the title.

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