Tales of Crestoria Manga Volume 3 Purchase Bonus Reveals New Main Cast Artwork

Bandai Namco has revealed a special purchase bonus for the third volume of the ongoing Tales of Crestoria manga adaptation. Fans who buy the volume from the online Asobi storefront will receive a bromide depicting the story’s main cast, illustrated by the manga’s artist Tsubaki Ayasugi.

As a reminder, this volume will launch in Japan on October 6, 2023, for ¥770.

Our team’s Ryuji previously translated the synopsis of this volume, quoted below:

In order to protect her feelings for Kanata, Misella also confronts her own sins and awakens the power of the Blood Sin.

Led by Vicious, the group begins a journey to explore the Land of Sin, where the Iniquitous Ones are rumored to reside. However, Kanata and Misella are attacked by the Knights of Midas Megur, who are pursuing them and are captured.

Kanata is angered by the inhumanity of the Knight Nation of Justice that he witnesses in the royal castle.
While Kanata tries to escape, thanks to the resourcefulness of Misella, a dark shadow looms over the fate of Aegis, the leader of the Order of Knights, and Queen Rebecca.

Sad eyes that no longer hold light. Will the lamentations of the knights pierce the darkness?

You can view the bonus bromide artwork for volume three of the Tales of Crestoria manga adaptation below:


You can view the store page for the third volume of the Tales of Crestoria manga here.

In Tales of Crestoria, characters carry objects known as Vision Orbs, which are essentially used as footage to judge whether a person is innocent or guilty of an accused crime. Stains of Guilt appear on guilty parties, and they end up hunted by authorities as a result. The protagonist, Kanata Hjuger, finds himself branded with the mark following a tragic and twisted event.

For those unaware, Tales of Crestoria ceased service.

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