Tales of Crestoria Manga Artist Announces it’s in a “Critical State”; Requests Fans to Purchase Volumes

The illustrator for the ongoing Tales of Crestoria manga adaptation in Japan, Tsubaki Ayasugi, has revealed that the project is unfortunately in a critical state, meaning it’s in danger of being discontinued.

Ayasugi’s tweet reads as follows, translated by our team’s Ryuji:

“Although [the Crestoria manga] is an adaptation, its completion is currently in a critical and dangerous situation. If anyone is still on the fence about purchasing it, I would greatly appreciate it if you could buy it now. As a fan myself, I want to see it through to completion and draw it to the end!

To be honest, I wasn’t sure whether to tweet this, but rather than end the story halfway through [without a word], I decided to send out the current status and hope that this will incentive people to pick it up.

If this [adaptation] gets off the ground, a drama CD or something further down the road might become a reality.

For those who haven’t given it a read, you can do so on Mangapoke.”

The Tales of Crestoria manga volumes can also be purchased via Amazon Japan. Volume 1 is currently free on Bookwalker until June 21, 2023. The second volume was recently launched in Japan.

To say this news is saddening would be a drastic understatement since it would mark the second time Tales of Crestoria is unable to tell its story. Still, since the manga is only available in Japanese, it’s difficult to ask most global fans to show their support for potentially official Western releases.

Regardless, here’s hoping everything pans out well for the Tales of Crestoria manga adaptation.

Thanks to Abyssal Chronicles for sharing this news.

Tales of Crestoria

In Tales of Crestoria, characters carry objects known as Vision Orbs, which are essentially used as footage to judge whether a person is innocent or guilty of an accused crime. Stains of Guilt appear on guilty parties, and they end up hunted by authorities as a result. The protagonist, Kanata Hjuger, finds himself branded with the mark following a tragic and twisted event.

For those unaware, Tales of Crestoria ceased service.

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