2D Bullet-Hell Action Touhou Game ‘Takkoman: Kouzatsu World’ Launches on Steam

Playism announced that the IlluCaleb-developed 2D bullet-hell action game, Takkoman: Kouzatsu World, is available now on PC via Steam.

From the developers of A Magical High School Girl and Gensou Skydrift, Takkoman: Kouzatsu World borrows the Touhou themes for a 2D action game based in Gensokyo and Kouzatsukyo, in which an unknown being has just brought together, causing a great calamity. This brought destruction to the world, but a single girl awoke from the rubble named Takorin.

This side-scroller game blends action elements where players will defeat mini and main bosses during each stage, who are guarded by hordes of enemies. Players can sidestep and unleash various abilities against these foes along with a special attack in the race for a high score.

The various attacks include long-range shots, two-stage charge attacks, a kick ability for close melee attacks, and more than ten different skills attached to the directional keys. Players can also dodge attacks and dash twice in mid-air.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the release of other Touhou titles in the future.

You can watch the official streaming trailer below to get an idea of the gameplay and characters. Further, you can get to preview the abilities and different stages:

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