Takashi Iizuka Answers Several Rapid-Fire Sonic Questions; Regards Sonic Frontiers & More

Takashi Iizuka Answers Several Rapid-Fire Sonic Questions; Regards Sonic Frontiers & More

Game Informer recently sat down with Sonic Team creative officer Takashi Iizuka and asked him a vast series of rapid-fire questions concerning Sonic’s past, the upcoming Sonic Frontiers, and several other tangential topics.

I have compiled a list of many of Iizuka’s most notable responses, viewable below:

  • Sonic & Mario collaborating wasn’t awkward
  • Mario could beat Sonic in high-jumps
  • Sonic Maker is not a likely project
  • First Sonic Game Iizuke worked on was Sonic 3
  • Super Emeralds are in another dimension, so Hyper Forms aren’t expected to reappear soon
  • Iizuka says the best Sonic game is Adventure 2
  • Sonic Adventure 1 was the most challenging title to develop
  • Sonic Frontiers does run on Switch
  • Sonic Frontiers does not have cooking
  • Eggman takes his eggs sunny-side up
  • Classic Sonic is not in Frontiers
  • Cyber Space is influenced by Sonic’s memories
  • There are no classic Sonic songs in Frontiers
  • Iizuka’s favorite classic Sonic song is from Sky Sanctuary
  • Iizuka’s favorite Crush 40 song is “Live and Learn”
  • Sonic Frontiers has no Chao Garden
  • Sonic is a teenager in the games
  • Iizuka’s favorite Sonic game to work on was Adventure 2
  • A new Sonic Adventure game will arrive someday
  • Iizuka believes Sonic Frontiers to be the longest Sonic title
  • Iizuka knows what the next Sonic game will be
  • Iizuka was not fond of the Sonic Boom redesigns

There is a plethora of other intriguing questions and responses from Iizuka delivered throughout this video, and I encourage watching it below:

Sonic Frontiers is releasing for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC in Holiday 2022.

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