Taisho x Alice: Heads & Tails Fandisc Coming to Steam Later This Month

Primula and publisher Pencil have announced the western release date of Taisho x Alice: Heads & Tails. The fandisc that complements the story of the visual novel series Taisho x Alice will be available on PC via Steam on July 26. It’ll include English, Simplified Chinese and Japanese subtitles while offering the original Japanese voices.

Taisho x Alice tells the story of Yurika Arisu, a young girl who finds herself in a dark place without memories. There she meets a young man called Alice, and finds out some weird glasses that seem to lead into a Looking-Glass World where things are slightly weird. This topsy-turvy world features beautiful young men, some of which are genderbent versions of famous fairy tale characters such as Snow White and Cinderella.

On the other side of the mirror, Yurika finds herself doing her best to save these “princes”. Sold on PC in an episodic format, the ideal route order follows the release order as players go deeper into the rabbit hole of the narrative. Publisher Prototype also released a complete version of all four main episodes called Taisho x Alice: All in One on Switch.

Taisho x Alice: Heads & Tails is a fandisc that expands the story with a variety of new content. On the Heads side, there are afterstories for all the couples from the previous episodes so players can enjoy an extra time of Yurika interacting with the boys. There’s also a “what if” scenario showing all of the characters in a school AU.

On the Tails side, we get to see the perspectives of Woolfe and Ryoushi as they investigate the mystery. I won’t go into further details for spoiler reasons but people who finished Taisho x Alice: Epilogue should know what is going on. It’s also important to know beforehand that these routes are not romantic in nature, though they will likely offer some teases nonetheless.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as Primula shares more information on their plans for the Taisho x Alice series as well as any other upcoming games in English.

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