Taisho x Alice Episode 1 Announced for PC With New English Localization

Getting released in Japan back in 2015, Taisho x Alice, developed by Primula, was one of the better-known Otome visual novels in the west as the first episode received an English localization in May 2017 by E2 Gaming. Sadly, this release would be lacking in multiple areas, with the menus of the game missing translation.

Thankful, Pencil announced that Taisho x Alice Episode 1 will launch on Steam on November 29, 2019, and the game will be receiving a completely new English and Chinese localization on top of that.

Taisho x Alice follows a girl who lost her memories and found herself in a world filled with darkness. There, she meets a guy who calls himself Alice and claims to suffer under amnesia as well. They decide to start their journey together, and while looking at a mirror made out of crystal, they pass through it to the Mirror Land. There, many fairytales are awaiting Alice.

As the title already implies, this visual novel is an episodic game, although, so far, only the first episode has been localized. There are three episodes and one epilogue in total, as of now, in Japan. The first episode contains two love interests you can pursue, which are Cinderella and Red Riding Hood.

In this game, each love interest has their own standalone story in an alternative universe, and therefore, multiple endings are available here. Additionally, Taisho x Alice will be fully voiced in Japanese, except the main character.

You can check out the opening below:

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