Taimumari: Complete Edition Brings Hardcore Platforming and Catgirls to Switch

Victory Road has released the Ternox developer hardcore platformer Taimumari: Complete Edition digitally on Nintendo Switch for $14.99.

Taimumari: Complete Edition is a title that has seen updates since its initial release to Steam as simply Taimumari, released in 2015. Now, this Complete Edition has come to Switch for fans and new players to experience the title.

Taimumari: Complete Edition puts players in control of Himari, a young wizard who is on a quest to restore balance in time, which is a pretty huge quest if you ask us. During the game, players will need to utilize quick movement and speed to get past some of the game more difficult platforming section.

Players will make choices during the game such as learn about the villains who each have a unique personality and backstory. Players will either befriend them or fight them. Additionally, the game has three levels of difficulty and a handful of secrets and easter eggs for players to find. The developer also made it a point to mention that you are playing as a catgirl, which is a good point to make now that I’m writing it.

If you’d like to see more, the developer released a gameplay trailer to give players a better idea of the game and its environments.

You can watch the trailer below:

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