Tactics Ogre: Reborn Reveals Countless Gameplay Updates, Character & Class Introductions + New Screenshots

Tactics Ogre: Reborn Reveals Countless Gameplay Updates, Character & Class Introductions + New Screenshots

Square Enix has shared extensive new information for their upcoming tactical RPG, Tactics Ogre: Reborn.

Firstly, unit development has been reimagined from the Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, which had various requirements for using weapons. However, Reborn will let players equip and use items as soon as they find them, though there are class restrictions for magic and specific weapons. For example, a cleric can’t equip attack spells, and a knight can’t equip a bow.

New battle skills have also been implemented, with returning effects of others. An explicitly provided example for this scenario is the following:

“…if you attack an enemy standing between your own units, the new Pincer Attack skill will trigger, causing the ally behind the enemy to make an additional attack.”

Every unit has the following number of slots:

  • 7 for weapons and armor
  • 4 for consumables
  • 4 for magic
  • 4 for skills

Finishing moves, ninjutsu, and war dances have been updated to solely require MP for use. In Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, these abilities necessitated TP and reagents.

A newly introduced element is Charms, which are found during battle and earned as rewards. They enhance and alter units’ stats, such as by doing the following:

  • Raise a unit’s level by 1
  • Grant experience points
  • Permanently increase stats such as STR (strength) or AGI (agility)
  • Change a unit’s element to another element (e.g., from air to holy)

Two new battle party screen features have been incorporated, with one being the Scout command. This functionality allows players to perceive intricate enemy and terrain info before starting a battle, which lets one adjust their party beforehand. Additionally, five different battle parties can be saved.

Seven major battle-related updates are also implemented, listed below:

  • Buff cards, found during battle, enhance the unit who obtains them in various ways, such as increasing attack power or critical likelihood. Four buff cards can be simultaneously active, with ones housing similar effects stacking their efficacy.
  • Enemy AI has been improved as it reacts to buff card appearances, player movement, and terrain differently.
  • Battles now have bonus objectives, granting further rewards like charms or equipment.
  • Friendly unit AI has been upgraded with four selectable behaviors; Fierce Attacker, Stalwart Defender, Distant Striker, and Ardent Mender. Manual and AI party control can be toggled both during and before battle.
  • Trajectory predictions for projectile shots are now viewable.
  • Units are “Incapacitated” when their health fully depletes, though they can be revived with items or magic if the countdown above their head doesn’t reach 0. Revival from incapacitation can occur as frequently as possible, but the timer reaching 0 means they cannot be revived again.
  • Random encounters on the world map have been removed, as players can now grind in training battles found at specific locations. Units cannot die during these fights.

Enemy forces’ stats, equipment, skills, and terrain positions have been adjusted.

Party level has been introduced, which increases as the story progresses. The ever-changing party level cap determines the highest level a unit can be at the time, preventing needless grinding. It is set slightly higher than the enemy units’ levels.

Classes, equipment, magic skills, consumables, finishing moves, and debuffs have been updated alongside the AI. The rogue class is now reserved for enemy units.

Valeria’s shops have been updated with improved UI, letting players view currently equipped equipment and items while buying or selling them. Crafting will now always succeed with no chance of failure, and it is now possible to craft multiple items at once.

Classes, which indicate a unit’s profession and can be altered through classmarks found in shops and battles, are introduced below:



A mainstay melee fighter adept with a wide variety of weapons. Jackof-all-trades, master of none. Warriors are by no means flashy but can equip a wide range of weapons and armor, playing an active role on the front lines in the early game.



A ranged attacker adept with a bow and arrow, capable of taking down enemies from a distance. Archers use bows and crossbows to chip away at enemy health from the high ground. An indispensable support class on the battlefield.



A back-line support class that wields a wide variety of magic, from offensive damage spells to debuffs. Wizards play a vital role in the early game, showing their true worth in the hardest-fought battles.



A back-line support class that mainly casts spells to restore HP and cure various ailments. Clerics are mainstay healers who remain indispensable to the battle party even into the late game.

Rune Fencer/Valkyrie

rune fencer

A well-rounded caster of attack and healing spells who is also adept at sword and spear-play. This balanced class can attack aggressively in the front lines or support with spells from the rear.



An excellent frontline class that uses its high defense and a smattering of healing spells to protect the battle party. Knights are indispensable units that serve as a bulwark against the enemy’s advance.



Entirely unconcerned with their own safety, berserkers charge into the front lines to assail their enemies with weapons bared. Berserkers boast devastating attacks, making them a valuable part of the battle party. However, they themselves have relatively weak defenses and are easily damaged.

Terror Knight

terror knight

The howls of tormented spirits can be heard with every step of the terror knight’s boots. Skilled in weakening enemy attacks and defense. Like the knight, terror knights take advantage of their high defensive capabilities to shield the battle party while engaging the enemy on the front lines.



A nimble class that utilizes its mobility to quickly deploy its power wherever needed, whether on the front lines or in the rear. Men are called ninja, while women are called kunoichi. The ninjutsu spells they wield manipulate various spirits to unleash punishing attacks on even distant enemies.

Several of the story characters in the Valerian isles have also been introduced, viewable below:

Lanselot Hamilton

VO: Ben Prendergast

“Risking your life is one thing. Losing it is another.”



Xenobian, 38 years old, born on the 6th of Twinscale. Born in the city of Valna in Charlom. Formerly captained the Holy Knights of the Kingdom of New Xenobia. He was stripped of his status and banished by King Tristan for the misconduct of his knights. He encounters Denam while roaming the lands with a small band of fellow knights seeking mercenary work.

Warren Omon

VO: Alastair Duncan

“I, too, have heard tell of this diviner, but I am not he.”


Xenobian, 63 years old, born on the 19th of Flamescale. Once led the Mages Regiment of the Kingdom of New Xenobia. He is more a prophet than a teller of fortunes. Like Lanselot, he was banished from Xenobia for misconduct.

Canopus Wolph

VO: Chris Cox

“I am Canopus. Step forward and meet your fate, dogs!”


Xenobian, 48 years old, born on the 5th of Darkscale. One of the winged folk, from the city of Peshaval in Charlom. Once captained the Beast Legion of the Kingdom of New Xenobia. Like Lanselot, he was banished from Xenobia for misconduct. He appears young in years, as the winged live to thrice the age of men. He can turn the very winds against his foes, earning him the name “Wind Caller.”

Mirdyn Walhorn

VO: Andre Sogliuzzo

“There was little you could do.”


Xenobian, 28 years old, born on the 9th of Windscale. Born in the Dalmuhd city of Konsh. Once served with the Holy Knights of the Kingdom of New Xenobia. He is a man of few words. Womenfolk hoping to be wooed by the handsome warrior are left disappointed, as he can manage little more than a smile. Gildas and Mirdyn are as chalk and cheese.

Gildas W. Byrne

VO: Adam Croasdell

“We’re outlaws. No place waiting for us back home, neh?”


Xenobian, 32 years old, born on the 4th of Firescale. Born in the Hyland city of Xandu. Once served with the Holy Knights of the Kingdom of New Xenobia. A lover of drink and women, chivalry is not his strong point. However, he is also a dependable comrade who fights with great skill. Gildas and Mirdyn are followers of Lanselot, who was banished from Xenobia.

Iuria Wolph

VO: Erin Yvette


Xenobian, 18 years old. From the city of Peshaval in Charlom. She is sister to Canopus. A songstress of renown, her voice is said to soothe the hearts of all who hear it. Winged womenfolk are seldom seen in public, but Iuria seems fond of attention.

Deneb Rove

VO: Cat Taber

“Oooh, you’re cute when you’re angry!”


Xenobian, age unknown. A woman of unknown origin. Once served with the Mages Regiment of the Kingdom of New Xenobia. She was a principal architect of the kingdom’s establishment. Her thirst for arcane knowledge is boundless, and she has come to Valeria to gather funds to further her studies. She is also remarkably fond of pumpkins.

Lanselot Tartaros

VO: Jason Kennet

“They think that only from without the castle walls may one voice discontent. Not realizing that the quickest way to the throne is a knife to the king’s ribs.”


Lodissian, 38 years old, born on the 22nd of Earthscale. High champion of the Dark Knights Loslorien. He was sent to Valeria when a secret treaty was forged between the Holy Lodissian Empire and the Bakram leader Brantyn Morne. The Dark Knights report directly to High Priest Sardian, ruler of the Holy Lodissian Empire, and Lanselot is thought to be his top lieutenant.

Balxephon V. Rahms

VO: Keythe Farley

“The whelp has grown. Let’s see how much!”


Lodissian, 40 years old. Second-in-command of the Dark Knights Loslorien, hailing from Galius, seat of the Holy Lodissian Empire. He is the son of Stratarchis Vogras, who commanded five of the orders of knighthood in Lodis. Loslorien enjoys independence from the Senate thanks to the influence of Vogras.

Volaq Windsalf

VO: Chris Cox

“Do you not trust us, Lord Regent? That would be most unfortunate.”


35 years old. A Loslorien commander, and member of their most elite strike force. Little is known of his past, or how he came to join the Dark Knights. His loyalty to Lodis is unquestionable, and he has earned a great deal of respect from those serving under him. A career soldier, he never lets personal matters interfere with his duties.

Martym Noumous

VO: Sean Kenin

“As imprudent as you are impudent. I’ll dress you like a holiday goose, hedge knight!”


Lodissian, 30 years old, born on the 20th of Seascale. A Loslorien commander from Galius, seat of the Holy Lodissian Empire, and member of their most elite strike force. He is known for his cunning swordplay. He will stop at nothing to achieve victory, living by the motto, “It always comes to blood.” Though his words lack grace, he wields a blade with great finesse.

Barbas Dahd Geuse

VO: Jason Charles Miller

“You want to kill us. I see it in your eyes. Put down your words, and take up your sword.”


Lodissian, 34 years old, born on the 17th of Blackscale. A Loslorien commander hailing from Bomouth on the borderlands of Lodis, and member of their most elite strike force. He is a giant of a man, and the most bloodthirsty of the seven Loslorien commanders. He was put on trial for beating a superior to death, but was saved from execution by Lanselot Tartaros.

Oz Moh Glacius

VO: Nicolas Roye

“You squabble over Valeria like beggars over scraps. The sooner she is rid of you, the better!”



Lodissian, 27 years old, born on the 1st of Shadowscale. A Loslorien commander from Galius, seat of the Holy Lodissian Empire, member of their most elite strike force, and twin brother to Dame Ozma. He is an expert swordsman, receiving top honors from the Xanam Officer’s Academy. After serving as commander of three regiments of the Ganan Division for a number of years, he was assigned to the Dark Knights. His sadistic nature is evident in his actions on the field of battle and in his questioning of prisoners.

Ozma Moh Glacius

VO: Elle Newlands

“Brute force, is that all you understand? Perhaps it’s time I versed you in the higher arts.”



Lodissian, 27 years old, born on the 1st of Shadowscale. A Loslorien commander from Galius, seat of the Holy Lodissian Empire. She is of the noble House Glacius, renowned for their founding role in the Galius Guild of Magi, ministers of magic in Lodis. Twin sister to the Dark Knight Oz, she wields both spell and blade with equal skill.

Andoras Gaffryn

VO: Darin De Paul

“You may find her a somewhat… unwilling companion. Ha ha!”


Lodissian, 32 years old. A Loslorien commander from Niemaran, a small town in the borderlands of Lodis. He is last born of the former Nildahme royal house, which once wielded great power throughout the Sea of Lhai region. He prefers hand-to-hand combat to swordplay, and is a masterful strategist.

You can view the newly unveiled system screenshots below:

You can view the new class screenshots below:

You can view the new character screenshots below:

Tactics Ogre is a part of the Ogre Battle series that began in 1993 with Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. However, many fans also remember the second entry, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, which introduced beloved tactical RPG systems. That entry was also ported to PSP in 2010, but the Ogre Battle series has been pretty quiet since then.

Tactics Ogre: Reborn features updated game design, fully-voiced cutscenes, improved graphics, and sound. Players can immerse themselves in the world and intrigue of Tactics Ogre through this updated adventure.

Tactics Ogre: Reborn is releasing for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam on November 11, 2022.

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