Thriller Visual Novel ‘Synergia’ Gets Free Demo on PC

Top Hat Studios announced that the Radi Art developed thriller visual novel Synergia has received a free demo on PC-via Steam and ahead of its planned mid-late 2019 launch.

Synergia tells the story of Cila, a veteran cop with a chip on her shoulder. However, things begin to change when a friend replaces her broken-down house droid as a favor with a newer android model named M.A.R.A. What follows is a relationship that builds between the two as Cila’s toughed exterior begins to weaken. Throughout the story, Cila and Mara’s relationship grows until a technological giant named Velta Labs gets wind of Mara’s existence and take an interest in her.

Synergia features nearly 100 unique combined backgrounds and CGs as well as over 6 through 9 hours of gameplay. There are over 20 characters with interesting background and personalities. Additionally, the game features a choice system that will affect the protagonist’s journey and the world around them through multiple endings.

The Mature content is described by the developer:

Contains suggestive and mature themes, such as sexuality, depression, and other topics. Contains non-sexual depictions of nudity, usage of weapons and depictions of violence, and usage of both drugs and alcohol. While there are implications and discussions of sex and suggestive situations as the narrative progresses, there is no sexual or explicit content in the game.

You can check out the game’s trailer along with some screenshots below:

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