Mech Adventure ‘Synduality Echo of Ada’ Reveals New Story Trailer

Bandai Namco and developer Game Studio have unveiled a new trailer for their upcoming mech-shooter adventure Synduality Echo of Ada, which was recently delayed to an undisclosed date.

This new trailer is titled the “Old Amasia Investigation, and while currently only available in Japanese, it emphasizes the title’s narrative. There’s also a focus on the cast, which was not the usual case in previous instances of this game’s promotion.

Synduality Echo of Ada occurs in 2222, where The Tears of the New Moon, a poisonous rain, devastated the majority of humanity. Additionally, xenomorphic monstrosities known as Enders were birthed from this phenomenon, hunting the remaining survivors on their increasingly dire last legs. As a result, humans retreated to the underground, building havens called Amasia, where they began collaborating with AI known as Magnus.

Drifters, those who collect the rare AO crystals spread across the planet, team up with Magnus on their jobs gathering materials and battling Enders. Their bonds will also strengthen through their collective efforts.

The gameplay is focused on mechs called Cradle Coffins that are highly customizable both cosmetically and in practicality, enabling significant player freedom when they progress in the story and interact with other Drifters online.

We’ll keep you all updated with the development and eventual release of Synduality Echo of Ada. In case you missed it, check out the latest gameplay teaser that was shared alongside the most recent delay.

This new IP even has an anime called Synduality Noir.

You can view the latest trailer for Synduality Echo of Ada below:

You can view the English-subtitled version of the trailer below:

Synduality Echo of Ada is in development for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

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