Tactics RPG ‘Symphony of War’ Shows More Legends DLC Gameplay in Trailer Ahead of Release

Freedom Games released a new trailer for the Legends DLC headed to the Dancing Dragon Games-developed strategy RPG Symphony of War, available on PC via Steam on August 28, 2023.

With the base game available now and receiving a few cosmetic updates since launch, the developers are gearing up to add even more content to the game. Currently, we can’t find a price for the DLC, but it looks to be a premium offering.

The Legends DLC includes eight brand-new chapters expanding upon the main campaign. Further, the New Game+ option allows you to play through the game again but discover tough foes and new challenges. Further, there are 13 new unit classes, including the Dark Mage, Necromancer, and War Cat.

Symphony of War takes place throughout the land of Tahnra, which is suffering from rebellion and war. Players find themselves taking on the role of an Imperial Officer on a mission to save Empress Florina. Over 50 different class types are available, such as Archers, Magicians, Cavalry, Supports, and Dragons, each offering distinct thought-provoking benefits.

Customization and upgrading are also available at the Home Base, alongside trading and potential recruitment if the odds work in your favor. Moreover, this game marks the first title in The Nephilim Saga, overtly teasing connected games in the future.

Symphony of War is available now on PC via Steam.

You can watch the new trailer below to get a preview of the Legends DLC:

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