Symphogear XD Unlimited Will End Service in July After Just Four Months on the Mobile Store in the West

Bushiroad announced that the Pokelabo-developed mobile RPG Symphogear XD Unlimited will end its service on iOS and Android stores in the west.

The game launched in the west in February 2020 and didn’t seem to deliver as much as the publisher had hoped for. Sadly, this is what happens to some mobile titles that relay on gacha mechanics. The game will end all purchases of their premium currency until the game’s official closure.

Symphogear XD Unlimited first launched in Japan in 2017. This was the first time the game has been released outside of the region. The game aims to recreate the world of the Symphogear series. Players will find over 100 newly created illustrations for the game featuring characters and environments. The game also includes character songs from the original work that serve to enhance the battles.

During gameplay, players choose from one of the nine playable characters. In battle, they’ll create a strategy for attacks, but the game is mostly focused on its auto gameplay. Players can customize and equip their characters with specialized gear, which alters their illustrations and makes them more powerful.

Hopefully, you didn’t spend too much on those gacha pulls, especially after that launch Attack on Titan event.

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