Switch Otome Game ‘Even if Tempest’ Reveals Opening Movie and Character Details

Voltage has shared some new information on their upcoming title Even if Tempest. Besides an opening trailer, the company has also shared some information on the characters that will be a part of the game through its official page. The otome visual novel will be available digitally for Nintendo Switch in 2022, though a more specific release window has yet to be revealed.

Even if Tempest tells the story of a young woman called Anastasia Lynzel. Raised by her stepmother, Evelina, she had to face cruelty since a young age being usually forced to stay in the attic. One day her life changes forever as she gains a special ability called Fatal Rewind, which allows her to change the past. However, this skill comes with a catch: her fate will give birth to a new, possibly worse tragedy nonetheless.

even if tempest anastasia lynzel As she tries to break free, she will have the chance to become more intimately connected with four main characters. One of them is Lucien Neuschburn (VA: Kaito Ishikawa), a prince who’s the third in the line of succession for the throne of Hystorica. He was always frail and his mother was of low standing, so nobody expected much from him. However, after the heroine activated the Fatal Rewind, he rapidly became an impressive public figure.

even if tempest lucien Crius Castlerock (VA: Makoto Furukawa) is the vice commander of the Order of the Wings of Garuda. Not only does he have good looks and a gentleman posture but he’s also popular and deeply trusted among his subordinates. However, there’s an endless void he hides beneath the surface.

even if tempest crius Tyril I Lister (VA: Noriaki Sugiyama) is an inquisitor whose imposing posture makes him unapproachable. He only has two friends who stick with him, Crius and Zenn, always scolding everyone around him. Though his sense of justice and will are second to none, part of his past still lingers. The company describes this as “an invisible collar,” which might indicate slavery or something of similar nature.

even if tempest tyril Last but not least is Zenn Sorfield (VA: Shunsuke Takeuchi) whose background and other personal info are a mystery. The heroine doesn’t even know if he’s someone she should trust or not. His posture is supposed to be intimidating due to his large build and serious expression. One interesting aspect of his design is his neck has a tattoo that looks like a collar.

even if tempest zenn The story is written by Ushio Ayane, whose previous works include Norn9, and the illustrations are by Norita who also did the Japan-only otome Beast Darling. The opening video for Even if Tempest features the theme song ‘Reborn to Be a Survivor’ performed by Shihoko Hirata (who’s also a singer in the Persona 4 soundtrack) and composed by Shunsuke Tsuchiya (from Black Wolves Saga). Check the trailer out:

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