Omdia Says Switch 2 will Feature an 8-Inch LCD Screen; Set to Release Later This Year

Omdia Says Switch 2 will Feature an 8-Inch LCD Screen; Set to Release Later This Year

Nintendo is poised to redefine the gaming landscape with the anticipated launch of its latest console, featuring an 8-inch LCD screen, later this year. The revelation, made by Omdia analyst Hiroshi Hayase, hints at a significant uplift in the market for amusement displays, with projections indicating a twofold increase in shipments for 2024. Hayase is a specialist in small to medium-display research and garners his insights from thorough analysis and checks within the supply chain network.

Amidst the aging lifecycle of Nintendo’s wildly successful seven-year-old Switch, which boasts sales surpassing 132 million units, the industry and enthusiasts alike are eagerly eyeing the forthcoming holiday season. This period is widely speculated to mark the debut of Nintendo’s next-gen offering. While the gaming titan has maintained a veil of secrecy regarding its successor, notable developments have sparked widespread anticipation. Notably, Sharp Corp., an Osaka-based entity under the Foxconn Technology Group umbrella, disclosed its collaboration with Nintendo last year. The partnership involves supplying LCD panels and contributing to the R&D phase of the upcoming console, reinforcing Sharp’s historical ties with Nintendo, including its pivotal role as a Switch assembler during the global pandemic.

However, in response to Bloomberg’s inquiries, a Nintendo spokesperson refrained from divulging any specifics and stated that the company had no comment at the moment.

The introduction of Nintendo’s new hardware is not merely a technological leap but a strategic move to rejuvenate the brand’s allure and amplify its gaming capabilities. We’ll be sure to follow the story as it develops.

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