Tentacle Visual Novel ‘Sweet Sacrifices’ Coming West to PC for the Halloween Season

Tentacle Visual Novel ‘Sweet Sacrifices’ Coming West to PC for the Halloween Season

JAST USA announced they will publish the Chaos-R-developed tentacle h-visual novel Sweet Sacrifices in the west on PC-via the JAST USA store on October 18, 2021.

Initially released in Japan as Jain no Ikenie ~Shokushu-hime Altea & Mashikyuu Tsukai Bianka Owari no Nai Jutai~ in 2018, Sweet Sacrifices isn’t for the faint of heart. Players are introduced to Princess Altea from the Kingdom of Aquila and is known around the kingdom for her beauty.

However, she has just been sacrificed to the sorcerer Aldebaran in exchange for the end of a drought that has plagued her country. Under his care, she finds out that tentacles have sprouted out of her back. This is where she meets Deneb Swan, another princess, and they decide to team up and work together to escape this hellish place and regain their freedom.

Bianca is a saint destined to give birth to the Child of God in another place and time: the future savior of humanity against the looming demon threat. However, when she is suddenly abducted by a demon lord, she is forced into becoming a pawn in their scheme to have the Child of God be sired not by a man but by a demon.

The story is rather dark, and players should expect some gruesome h-content involved in these new appendages. Still, I’m kind of looking forward to seeing if they escape. Considering there are sequels, I can only assume something doesn’t go as planned.

You can watch the trailer below:

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