Sim Dungeon RPG ‘Suzukuri Dungeon: Karin in the Mountain’ Stealth Released on PC in the West

Shiravune has stealth released their dungeon RPG Suzukuri Dungeon: Karin in the Mountain on PC-via Johren in the west.

Suzukuri Dungeon: Karin in the Mountain introduces players to the demon queen Karin who has just been unleashed after a thousand-year nap. We then meet an adventurer named Kazuto, who gets himself into trouble after his entire party quits on him at once.

However, he luckily gets the attention of someone from the demon world named Fuu, who offers him a chance to redeem his life. He’s led to the dungeon beneath Mt.Giou, where he meets Karin and loses a bet, to which his punishment is that he must manage the entire dungeon. Not too bad.

During gameplay, players will expand the Labrinth and strengthen their party of adorable demon girls. Intruders will need to be dealt with using traps and boss battles. Everything eventually leads to adult encounters with the girls and maybe even Karin. We really don’t know. What we do know is that most of the demon girls can be romanced.

Suzukuri Dungeon: Karin in the Mountain features adult gameplay with RPG elements.

We’ll keep you updated on future releases from this publisher.

The game is available now with a special promotion of 20% off until July 2, 2021.

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