Survival Simulation Title Green Hell Lands on Nintendo Switch With a Content Roadmap

Green Hell, the highly acclaimed Amazonian survival simulation title is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

To get the most out of your time out in the wild, players must utilize real-life survival techniques such as starting fires, making camps and building animal traps. Crafting, composing objects and food sourcing allow for a high variety of player agency and customizability. Sanity is also an enemy as you face the horrors of the wild jungle. Treating your own wounds and diseases gives players an even more immersive experience alongside the dynamic weather system and richly detailed environments.

This title is priced at €24.99 ($29.99) but can be bought at a 10% discount ($22.49) before October 28.

Players who have already purchased Thief Simulator, Hollow, Timberman VS or Panzer Dragoon: Remake will obtain Green Hell for the Nintendo Switch with a 33% discount. ($17.49)

Additionally, The Spirits of Amazonia expansion is listed on the roadmap for this title. Part 1 will release this Winter, Part 2 will release during the Spring 2021, and Part 3 will release during the Summer of 2021.

The Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions of Green Hell have been delayed to Quarter 1 of 2021. Developer Creepy Jar S.A aims to deliver quality ports that will bring justice to this title on those systems.

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