Survival Horror Game ‘Shadow Corridor’ Will Be Released On Switch This October

NIS America has announced they’ll release Shadow Corridor on Switch. The survival horror game was developed by Kazuki Shiroma and originally released on PC (Steam) in 2019. It’ll be released on the Nintendo platform on October 26, 2021.

Shadow Corridor is inspired by Japanese traditional elements to make it an extra scary experience. It revolves around curses and spirits of an evil Noh mask that won’t let the player escape easily. It also features places that are easy to identify as traditional Japanese locales.

One unique twist from the usual in the genre is that the maps are randomly generated to make each playthrough different. Players will have to explore barely-lit mazes and find a way out. Along the way, there will be helpful items, such as a flashlight, but it’ll also be important to avoid the spirits of the Noh mask.

To avoid the spirits, players will have to be careful about being seen or heard and different spirits may react to different stimuli. How easy or tough the experience will be will vary according to the difficulty setting that can be adjusted. According to the company, both newcomers and veteran players will have settings to enjoy in the game.

The Switch release of Shadow Corridor will feature all the DLC previously released on PC, and a mode called Apparition Defenders will be available. In this new mode, it’ll be possible to play as the ghosts and hunt humans who dare try to escape the maze.

Check out the announcement trailer here:

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