Survival Horror Adventure ‘Clea’ Gets Switch Release Date

Sekai Games announced their plans to publish the InvertMouse-developed jump scare-free, skill-based survival horror adventure Clea on Nintendo Switch on October 30.

Clea has players assume the role of Clea as her parents have been experimenting on Chaos Servants and now the monsters are loose. Clea and her brother must navigate their way through these creatures to escape from the Whitlock Mansion alive. The game is a survival horror with HD hand-drawn puppet theater graphics to see the mood.

During gameplay, players will need to outwit the Chaos Servants who are lurking around every corner. To help players know their locations, they’ll need to listen for footsteps or peek under doors to try and anticipate any danger. To escape the Whitlock Mansion, players will need to hunt for keys and solve puzzles scattered around the environment.

When the game boasts that it contains no jump scares, it means it. There’s no pre-scripted scare in the game. Players will need to use their skills to save Clea and her brother. Additionally, throughout the game, players can collect memory orbs to learn more about the Whitlock bloodline, which will unlock bonus chapters within the game.

Clea is available now on PC-via Steam.

You can watch the Nintendo Switch announcement trailer below:

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