Surreal Adventure “Dream Channel Zero” Announced for PC Winter 2024; By Meg’s Monster Developer

Developer Odencat, known for Meg’s Monster, has announced that their next title, Dream Channel Zero, will launch for PC via Steam during Winter 2024. This “surreal and quirky adventure” will require players to escape the world of a video game as the protagonist Akira. He also meets a girl named Rumiko, who he cooperates with on his journey.

Players will traverse an animated retro-inspired map to defeat bosses and clear their stages. Shops, enemy encounters, and optional events can also be found across the map. Plus, levels can be completed in one’s chosen order if you rotate the dial that changes the channel and enables access to other stages. Battles are all unique, requiring different strategies, and none of these enemies are repeated.

The minor characters players will meet are all immensely distinct, and the experience is emphasized as enjoyable for those of all skill levels. Moreover, the composer is DJ Xavier LeBlanc, who instills the title with sound design not typically found in video games, given his lack of history in the field.

We’ll keep you all updated on the continued development of Dream Channel Zero.

You can view the teaser trailer for Dream Channel Zero below, showcasing the unsettling ambiance permeating throughout:

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