Get Your New Units With Super Robot Wars 30’s Expansion Pack; Story Missions and Free Update Incoming

As of today, you can grab Super Robot Wars 30‘s first expansion pack, dubbed Set 1, on Steam.

Set 1 contains the Spirit of Steel, Prana Converter and Aos Arc power parts, plus the Attacker and ExC Bonus skill programs for even more powerful Mechas and intense battles. Bandai Namco released a trailer for the expansion pack as well, giving players a peek at what’s new.

Also announced was Expansion Pack (Set 2) as well as a free update set to arrive on April 20th. Set 2 contains:

  • An added difficulty Super Expert Mode Plus, an extreme difficulty level changing the game’s rules for a new challenging playthrough
  • Chain Area Mission: Brother and Sister, giving a glimpse into Edge & Az past in a set of three area missions
  • 20 Area missions and 25 On-board New missions
  • 10 new playable units
  • 3 new attacks

While the free update contains:

  • Grungust and Van Ein join the fray!
  • An Extra Chapter included, with 6 new missions!
  • Restricted missions unlocked for free!

If Super Robot Wars 30 looks like it would be your cup of tea, check out our video review below, as well as our full written review of the game, where we said:

Super Robot Wars 30 is a wonderful place to start in this series due to its ease of accessibility and commendable encyclopedia of terms and characters. It’s an approachable SRPG no matter your skill level but shows age in its menu design and limited tutorials. Still, it managed to rope me in for hours of enjoyment as I survived off this mecha feast for days.”


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