Super Rare Games Announces Super Rare Shorts – A Brand New Label of Physical-Only Releases

Nintendo Switch physical game publisher Super Rare Games revealed their new venture for physical switch titles known as Super Rare Shorts.

These titles will be exclusively available as physical Switch cartridges, meaning there will be no digital release on the eShop or any other platform. Super Rare ensures the full game will come on cartridge alongside “full cover art and exquisite packaging”.

The games are all original, with the first yet-to-be-announced title coming from developer Glass Revolver, known for their games ITTA and House of God. Each Short is set to be available for pre-order for a month-long window, with an initial supply of 5000 copies. Any additional orders outside of the initial supply will ship, but a month after the pre-order window.

These Shorts include a vast range of titles from both budding and veteran indie developers, showing off finished versions of games that never got to see the spotlight from other distributors and publishers. There are currently multiple Shorts game under development.

With this medium of physical-only distribution, Super Rare Games is hoping to give another spotlight for indie developers to get their games out into the world. By providing and funding these showcases, they aim to provide visibility and incentive for future indie projects to see the light of day.

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