Super Neptunia RPG Reveals Improvement Patch Update Details for Western Release

Idea Factory International gives new details for the Artisan Studio developed RPG Super Neptunia RPG, coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in the west on June 25 and on PC-via Steam on June 20.

The details surround a patch the will release in the west when the game launch. The patch will be present for all platforms of the game to address issues found in the Japanese release.

The patch notes are as follows:


  • Updates on animations
  • Updates on object placement
  • Fixed some conditions that would prevent a cutscene from playing
  • Added the type-style text during cutscenes


  • Improved audio synchronization during certain cut-scenes
  • Fixed some instances of audio corruption
  • Fixed an issue where multiple audio files play at the same time
  • Fixed some voice issues
  • Added some missing voices


  • Better balancing on some quests, skills, and weapons
  • Fixed conditions that prevented a quest’s completion
  • Fixed icons to match their items
  • Fixed some text issues
  • Fixed an issue where players could not cancel the use of an item
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent an ability to work as intended
  • Fixed an issue where a fight would not start in Goddess Mode when it should
  • Fixed some collision and bound issues
  • Fixed some text issues that would now show on-screen
  • Fixed a Break Attack animation that would play off-screen
  • Fixed an issue where Pudding would not show in certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a fight from finishing when using fast forward
  • Fixed an issue where a cutscene is played in the wrong order


  • Updates on the Settings menu
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor goes off-screen
  • Added scrolling for longer text
  • Added a sorting functionality in the menu


  • Stability improvement
  • Improved menu navigation
  • Optimized camera during exploration and cutscenes
  • Changed the saves order from most recent to oldest
  • Fixed an issue where an enemy would remain on the screen after winning a battle
  • Fixed some navigation issues with the D-pad
  • Added some success/fail feedback when fleeing a battle.

Additionally, the publisher released new screenshots showing dialog from the English version of the game.

Super Neptunia RPG allows players to assume the role of Neptune, Noir, Blanc, and Vert in an all new side-scrolling adventure, developed by a western studio for the first time. The gang of goddesses finds themselves in a new world owned by an organization called “Silkworm” which evidently worships 2D games. The people of this world are forced to create 2D games and pay taxes in the form of game cassettes. In the event that they produce poor quality games, the citizen will have their spirit destroyed.

Following a recent delay, it was revealed that the PS4 version will contain two “slightly modified” CGs. Gameplay outside of that has not been altered across all platforms. This is most likely images that show characters in a bath as well as a CG scene showing Neptune’s underwear. With that said, the title will not be altered on Nintendo Switch or PC.

You can check out the new screenshots below:

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