Super Neptunia RPG Details Break Attacks and Features With New Screenshots

Idea Factory International gives new details for the Artisan Studio developed RPG Super Neptunia RPG, coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in the west on June 25 and on PC-via Steam on June 20.

The details focus on the battle system, more specifically, Break Attacks. Break Attacks are represented by four slots that fill up as attack the enemy. Once the slot fills up, players can select a character to unleash a Break Attack. Players are able to perform a Break Attack every chance they get, or they can wait until the slot is full so all party members can cause high damage.

The publisher also details Elements in the game. There are a total of 9 elements, each character and enemy will be affected by an element so players must plan accordingly to defeat foes. Enemies will be able to react to elements in three ways: Weak, Absorb, and Resist. Understanding the best way to attack an enemy is key. Additionally, characters can switch to their Goddess Form when the Goddess Gauge is filled up. This will increase the character’s stats and change their appearance.

Super Neptunia RPG allows players to assume the role of Neptune, Noir, Blanc, and Vert in an all new side-scrolling adventure, developed by a western studio for the first time. The gang of goddesses finds themselves in a new world owned by an organization called “Silkworm” which evidently worships 2D games. The people of this world are forced to create 2D games and pay taxes in the form of game cassettes. In the event that they produce poor quality games, the citizen will have their spirit destroyed.

Following a recent delay, it was revealed that the PS4 version will contain two “slightly modified” CGs. Gameplay outside of that has not been altered across all platforms. This is most likely images that show characters in a bath as well as a CG scene showing Neptune’s underwear. With that said, the title will not be altered on Nintendo Switch or PC.

You can check out the new screenshots below:

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