Brutal Arcade Platformer ‘Super Mutant Alien Assault’ Launches on Switch

Lock, load, and explode in the brutal arcade platformer Super Mutant Alien Assault, from developer Cybernate and publisher Fellow Traveller, has launched on the Nintendo Switch for $9.99.

Taking it slow and steady like a slug isn’t the way to go in this game. No, you need to be able to partake in what I like to call, “a dance with death” as you go across randomized single-screen levels. With the pace being turned up to 11, it’s important to dodge, dodge, and well, dodge… oh, and shoot, of course. If you can dodge an alien attack, you can dodge anything. Standing still is not an option. Survival requires quick thinking and rapid reflexes in each stage.

Expect to fight through multiple stages as there are twelve brutal ones across three galaxies. Grunts of all kinds are going to be roaming about, but get ready to face three epic bosses to beat the game. Throughout your intense fight for survival, you can unlock and master countless weapons, explosives, sidearms, abilities and moves, as well as randomized level layouts, weapon machines, objectives, and enemies.

If playing solo is a little too intense, there’s the option to take on mutant hordes with a friend via local co-op — but proceed with caution: friendly fire is a thing, and sharing/fighting over item and health pack drops is inevitable.

Super Mutant Alien Assault is also available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, and PC-via Steam,

Get a better idea of the “dance with death” in Super Mutant Alien Assault by dashing right into the launch trailer below:

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