Super Mario RPG Remake Official Guide Book Launching January 2024 via Square Enix Japan

Super Mario RPG Remake Official Guide Book Launching January 2024 via Square Enix Japan

Square Enix Japan has announced that pre-orders are now available for the official Super Mario RPG Remake via their online store. Costing ¥2,200, this 224-page book will contain a plethora of story and gameplay information alongside materials from the original Super Nintendo version of the game.

Additionally, the guidebook is planned to launch in Japan on January 25, 2024.

You can view the cover of the Super Mario RPG Remake guidebook below:

super mario rpg remake

You can pre-order the official Super Mario RPG Remake guidebook via Square Enix Japan’s online store. There is no word on a potential Western release.

A Super Mario RPG Remake progression bug patch was announced for December 2023.

Super Mario RPG was originally released in 1996 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System/Super Famicom and was notably developed by a pre-merger Squaresoft. It produced a large cult following over the last several years, as fans of the game campaigned for party member Geno to appear as a playable character in Super Smash Bros.

Yoko Shimomura helmed the new soundtrack, and she was the initial composer for the game on SNES. Shimomura shared, “I put all my heart into arranging all the songs, hoping that both the fans of the original and those playing for the first time can enjoy it!”

In this remake, timing all attacks ideally will affect enemies on the field. Successfully performing action commands will fill the Action Gauge, eventually initiating a three-character Triple Move. This alters depending on your party setup, encouraging combo variation.

Once players beat the game, they can rechallenge some bosses, except they’re stronger than their initial showings. Further, players will be able to swap between the original and newly arranged soundtracks at any time they desire.

Super Mario RPG remake is now available worldwide on Nintendo Switch.

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