Super Mario Party Update Improves Online Gameplay With Partner Party and Classic Mario Party Mode

Nintendo released a new update for Super Mario Party to improve online gameplay and add an additional mode for players to enjoy.

Released on Nintendo Switch in 2018, Super Mario Party brought the series to Switch owners, but it lacked online gameplay features. After the update, players can finely Partner Party players on their Friend List. However, it doesn’t seem like these modes support random match-making, which I’m not really complaining about.

Players can also partner with a Friend over regular Mario Party with up to four players, this is still the case if two players share the same Switch. The Classic Mario Party introduces 70 mini-games that players can player versus or co-op with friends.

From the publisher:

Race, chase and put your relationships to the test in online Partner Party, a 2-vs.-2 team version of the classic board game mode. Work together to roam the board and secure victory against your opponents in this super competitive, super collaborative party mode.

From the thrills of Bumper Brawl to the chills of Penguin Pushers and beyond, Super Mario Party brings 70 minigames packed with wildly different challenges to the online party. Whether you want to show off your minigame mastery, or you’re in the mood for mirth and merriment, the expanded online multiplayer update in Super Mario Party has you covered.

We’ll keep you updated on future Super Mario Party updates.

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