Super Mario Maker 2 Update Finally Lets You Play Directly Online With Friends

Nintendo announced that the game creation title Super Mario Maker 2 has received an update that adds the much requested online feature to allow players to play with their friends.

In version 1.1.0, players will now have the option to play co-op and versus multiplayer with people on their Switch friends list. The update is available today and will be available alongside the previously available option to play with randomly selected friends.

While playing with friends, players will also be able to select the difficulty in Course World and choose which courses they’ like to play from the list of locally saved courses in Coursebot. The update is free and also adds a list of Official Makers in the Leaderboard Section. Here, players will be able to easily finds special courses and ones created by Official Makers. Other features added include the ability to use both touch-screen and button controls when creating courses in Handheld mode.

Super Mario Maker 2 is a game that allows players to create and play courses based on side-scrolling Mario platformers. Players have access to a variety of tools that allow them to create intricate courses as well as test their skills and play extremely difficult ones. The new online mode update to play with friends is available now.

Super Mario Maker 2 is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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