Super Mario Bros. Wonder Reveals New Power-Ups, Enemies, Badges, Wonder Effect, Online Features & More

Today, Nintendo hosted a Direct broadcast for their upcoming 2D platformer Super Mario Bros. Wonder. In the game, Prince Florian invited Mario and his friends to the Flower Kingdom. However, when Bowser attacks and comes into contact with the Wonder Flower, he merges with the prince’s castle. Of course, the heroes set off on a quest to halt Bowser’s ambitions.

The game has six worlds that circle the petal isles, with a total of seven areas to explore. There will be several types of environments throughout the levels, such as caves, deserts, grasslands, etc.

The world map will let players free roam at their leisure, offering choices for which levels to do. Stages will have talking flowers that “liven up your adventure” by giving coins and hints.

Luigi, Peach, Daisy, two Toads, and Toadette are also playable alongside Mario, and they all control the same. The playable Yoshis and Nabbit won’t take damage, though, so they’re for beginners. But they can still lose lives if they fall into a pit.

Yoshi can flutter, jump and suck in objects to spit them back out.

New enemies are detailed below:

  • Hoppycats will copy the player and jump when you jump.
  • Melon Piranha plants will spit seeds.
  • Condarts will fly at you and attack with their beaks.
  • Konks, akin to Thwomps and Whomps, will fall through goo.
  • Mumsies are zombie-like enemies within a cloth that can be unfurled.
  • Maw-Maws can devour anything that comes close to them.

Several classic foes will also be present.

The Elephant form will let players break blocks easily and traverse large gaps. Plus, you can store water and shoot it out. Luigi, the Toads, Peach, Daisy, and Toadette also have Elephant forms.

The new Bubble form lets you blow bubbles that can capture and defeat enemies from afar while drifting toward other enemies. When shot out, the bubbles can be used as platforms and go through walls.

The Drill form gives you a drill that makes enemies easier to deal with while giving you the ability to burrow through the ground and ceiling for enhanced exploration. The Fire Flower is back, too, and players can store a power-up.

When touching Wonder Flowers in courses, the stage layout will heavily alter in what is known as the Wonder Effect. Characters can also transform, with Mario shown as a Goomba, balloon, and spike ball. Collecting a Wonder Seed will revert the course to its normal state. Some courses can only be unlocked via collecting Wonder Seeds. You’ll also get them as rewards when clearing levels.

As progress is made, you’ll gain badges with their unique abilities.

  • Parachute Cap – Slows falls.
  • Wall-Climb Jump – Enhance wall climbing capabilities.
  • Dolphin Kick – Gain speed underwater and break underwater blocks.
  • Crouching High Jump – charges up a leap.
  • Grappling Vine – Shoot vines in midair and stick to walls.
  • Safety Bounce – Recover from dangerous falls instantly.
  • Sensor – Find important items.
  • Coin Magnet – Draws in coins.
  • Invisibility – Become invisible to yourself and your enemies.
  • Jet Run – Won’t stop dashing and can run in the air for a little while.

Only one badge can be equipped per course via the world map or when starting a level. Badge challenge courses will give special badges, while others can be bought from Poplin shops on the map. You can exchange flower coins in courses for additional badges, as well.

Four players can play locally on one switch, with fallen players floating around as ghosts. But if a player manages to reach them before their time limit, they’ll come back without losing a life.

If playing as a Yoshi, you can jump on that player’s back, regardless if you’re another Yoshi or in the Elephant form.

When online, you can see other players on the world map and in courses. These are users worldwide playing the game in real-time and are depicted as shadows. If you fail in a stage, you can return to life by bumping into a live-player shadow.

Players can send greetings and share in-game items. There won’t be any playing together directly. Standees can be placed in courses, too, reviving players who become ghosts. These can be bought from the shops.

You’ll see a player’s username and heart points by running into their standees, showing how much they’ve helped other players. Online rooms can be formed with friends, letting players enter courses together and race through specific ones. Some races will require beating a boss or grabbing a Wonder Seed first.

A new Switch OLED themed after the game was revealed and is planned to launch on October 6, 2023.

You can view the full Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct below:

This entry marks the series’ first new 2D venture since the 3DS, so it’s been quite a while. Mario Maker 2 doesn’t really count, nor does the enhanced port of New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. Hopefully, Wonder lives up to expectations. Based on the limited footage we’ve seen, it’s definitely taking the presentation and stage mechanics in new directions.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder will launch for Nintendo Switch on October 20, 2023.

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