Sunsoft Releases a Follow Up to The Legendary “Crap Game” Ikki, ‘Ikki Unite’ on Steam

Sunsoft is back with the launch of Ikki Unite on PC via Steam. This is a self-published release from the team and marks a return for a series of games we should see from them.

Ikki was initially a one or two-player Famicom game from 1985. However, the team has brought it back with a few new options including a multiplayer mode that allows up to 16 players to jump into the roguelike action.

Strangely, this series received highly negative reviews when it was first released, even coined the term “crap game” in Japan. However, that didn’t stop the developer from bringing it back and adding a Unite. Sadly, its received Mixed reviews from players who have jumped into the Steam release.

Ikki Unite features single players and online gameplay modes, but it is geared toward casual play. The gameplay features simple control and retro gameplay experiences. Players will need to dodge bullets and collect items.

Here’s a summary of the story:

It’s the autumn harvest, a time to rejoice in the fruits of labor, but a swarm of locusts ravage the land! The village is in trouble, and yet the collectors still demand taxes…So let’s start a rebellion and get our rice back, and protect our village!

We’ll keep you updated on future releases from Sunsoft.

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