Summoners War: Sky Arena Adds Onimusha and Onmyouji and in New Update

Com2uS announced that Summoners War: Sky Arena has received two new monsters, Onimusha and Onmyouji, who will come in handy during their upcoming event set to launch on March 8 until May.

The lengthy event will give players the chance to earn rewards for the two characters to level them up. The further they progress with upgrading the characters, the more rewards they’ll unlock.

The event details are as follows:

Event 1

  • Get [Mystical Scroll x1] whenever you collect 10 points/
  • Other various rewards and a scroll that summons a new Monster [Onimusha] will be available.
  • For every 10pts collected: Mystical Scroll x1 (Up to 10 times)
  • 20pts: Mana Stone x200,000
  • 40pts: Energy x100
  • 60pts: 4-star Rainbowmon (Lv. 1) x2
  • 80pts: Crystal x100
  • 100pts: Event Exclusive! New Monster [Onimusha Scroll]
  • [Onimusha Scroll] summons a random attribute of Fire, Water or Wind.
  • [New Monster Scroll] will be sent to the Inbox, and you can use the scroll at the Summonhenge by tapping the [Collect] Button.

Event 2

  • Upgrade the new Monster [Onmyouji] or [Onimusha].
  • The upgrade mission applies to both two new Monsters,
  • so upgrade the new Monsters through this event and get rewards.


[Upgrade Mission]

  • Enter battle with new Monster 10 times: Mana Stone x200,000
  • Enter battle with new Monster 30 times: Energy x100
  • Enter battle with new Monster 50 times: 5-star Rainbowmon (Lv. 1) x1
  • Evolve the new Monster to 6-star once: Crystal x150

Summoners War: Sky Arena is available now on iOS and Android.

You can watch the character trailer below:

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