Sui Ishida’s Boys Opera Joseimuke Game ‘Jack Jeanne’ Confirmed for Upcoming English and Chinese Releases

Sui Ishida’s Boys Opera Joseimuke Game ‘Jack Jeanne’ Confirmed for Upcoming English and Chinese Releases

During the game’s anniversary stream, Broccoli has confirmed that Jack Jeanne will be receiving English and Chinese translations. Though the company hasn’t shared more details at this time, they had already mentioned their interest in bringing it to worldwide audiences back in 2019, before the game was even released. Jack Jeanne is currently available exclusively on Nintendo Switch in Japan.

The game tells the story of a young girl called Kisa Tachibana, who is enrolled in an all-boys drama school. There students can play female roles (“Jeanne”) and male roles (“Jack”). To continue studying there, she will have to hide she is a girl and land a starring role in the school’s last performance of the year.

Jack Jeanne works as a simulation title in which you have to handle your daily life, choosing when to spend more time with the characters and do lessons to improve your skills. Some of the scenarios will allow players to get more intimate with the boys, allowing Kisa to get to know their personal stories. However, keep in mind not all routes will have romantic implications.

When it comes to the performance moments, the game opts for a rhythm game format. It’s up to the player to push the buttons on the right timing following the beats of the music. Like with some other games like Hatsune Miku Project Diva, the backgrounds show videos of the characters dancing on the stage to accompany the music.

The story was conceived and written by Sui Ishida of Tokyo Ghoul fame, along with Shin Towada, who has previously worked with the author in novelizations. Character designs are also by Sui Ishida, and the soundtrack is composed by Akira Kosemura.

The translation will be for the interface and game text but voices and songs will remain in Japanese. At this moment, the company has yet to announce more details of the English translation of Jack Jeanne, such as if they’re handling worldwide publication themselves or when it’ll be available. We’ll keep you updated as more information is announced.

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