Recette’s Sugar Sweet Temptation Will Be Released in English by Love Lab Later This Year

Recette’s Sugar Sweet Temptation Will Be Released in English by Love Lab Later This Year

Publisher Love Lab has announced Sugar Sweet Temptation. The title is an English/Chinese translation of Recette’s Shugaten! -sugarfull tempering-, which is a visual novel developed by Recette which was released in Japan in 2017. The PC game should be available during the second half of 2022, during fall or winter, though a more specific release date hasn’t been revealed yet.

Sugar Sweet Temptation tells the story of a young man who mysteriously falls from the sky during a special festival. Though he has no memories, he is somehow highly skilled at baking, which makes it a big opportunity for a trio of cute girls who handle a cake shop. The place was facing its direst crisis due to recent events and his sudden appearance is heaven-sent.

The store is handled by three girls: Chocolat, Koori and Meru. Voiced by Fujisaki Usa (Nanairo Reincarnation’s Iris), Chocolat Neige comes from a rich family who’s actually the president of a big company. On the other hand, Koori Miyohashi, whose VA is Mitsu Anzu (KoiChoco’s Isara Aomi), is a serious-looking girl who hides a cute side. Voiced by Yui Kusuhara (Meteor World Actor’s Chiffon MacDougall), Meru Furukura is a curious girl who loves meeting new people.

The cute characters are designed by Shiratama, whose other works include the Amairo Chocolate series. The story is written by Kasa Sakaki, whose previous works include Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche. The soundtrack is composed by BURTON who also worked on How to Raise a Wolf Girl and the classic Mashiro Iro Symphony.

Check out a few screenshots of the Sugar Sweet Temptation girls being cute:

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