Moe Visual Novel ‘Sugar Sweet Temptation’ Gets May Release Date

Love Lab announced that the Recette-developed moe visual novel Sugar Sweet Temptation will launch on PC via Steam on May 26, 2023.

Sugar Sweet Temptation tells the story of a group of young people who work at a patisserie called Folkroll. During a period of financial trouble, Meru and her best friend Kōri try to keep the store afloat but are having a hard time.

One night during a special festival said to make dreams come true, a young man called Crow Yamada mysteriously falls from the sky on the rooftop of the store. Now he seems like a heaven-sent help and will have to aid the girls in avoiding the store’s fate of being sold off to a corporation.

There are three love interests in the game: the granddaughter of the patissier Meru is voiced by Yui Kusuhara (Chiffon MacDougall in Meteor World Actor); her best friend, Kōri (VA: Mitsu Anzu), is facing some family issues and living with her; and Chocolat (VA: Fujisaki USA), a patissier-in-training sent by the corporation but who really wants to help the store.

The cute characters are designed by Shiratama, whose other works include the Amairo Chocolate series. The story is written by Kasa Sakaki, whose previous works include Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche. The soundtrack is composed by BURTON, who also worked on How to Raise a Wolf Girl and the classic Mashiro Iro Symphony.

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