Suda 51’s killer7 Remastered’s Gameplay Trailer Proves Cel-Shaded Graphics Age Well

NIS America launched a new character trailer for the Suda 51 directed on-rails shooter killer7 Remastered, coming to PC-via Steam in Fall 2018.

The trailer introduces players to 3 of the assassins that they’ll be able to play as during the game’s campaign, Garcian Smith (The Cleaner), Dan Smith (The Hellion), and Kevin Smith (Four-eyes). Each of these characters represents 1/7 of Harman Smith, an underground assassin with a personality disorder who is also known as killer7 (roll credits).

Originally released in 2005 on PlayStation 2 and Gamecube, killer7 puts players in control of revenge-seeking assassin who is attempting to stop the possible world dominance of Kun Lan. Players will play the game through a third-person perspective as they explore the environment before entering a first-person mode where they can take aim and shoot enemies. Additionally, the game features on-rails sections of gameplay as well.

There is no word on if the remastered version will be coming to console, but the trailer does show a handful of scenes that actually look great for being such an old title. The choice to develop the game using cel-shaded graphics was probably a good one. On the other hand, the environments look a bit bare bones.

You can watch the new trailer below, and expect other to come out in the coming days before the game’s launch:

Author’s take: killer7 is a good game that I think a lot of people missed out on. I believe that I first played just 3 years ago. So for this to be receiving a newly remastered release is a good way to get more eyes on this IP for the possibility of expanding the killer7 universe.

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