Doujin RPG ‘Succumate’ Coming to PC in the West

Kagura Games announced they will publish the DojinOtome-developed doujin RPG sim Succumate in the west on PC-via Steam.

Succumate doesn’t really waste too much time on setting up a premise as the game has the player coming to find that someone has broken in. Upon further investigation, it’s discovered that a demon succubus named Lilim has entered the human world in search of food, which happens to be the life-force of humans.

Across town, people have been dying, and it’s suspected that Lilim is the cause of it, but that might not really be the case. Regardless, as her new caretaker, it’s your job to keep her happy, you know, by using your life-force…You know what I mean!

Gameplay features a supernatural slice-of-life narrative as the player manages their time and money while hanging out with Lilim. Additionally, the game features mystery elements that have the player figure out the cause of several murders, which branches the story to acquire a different ending.

Knowing the publisher’s previous catalog of titles, it’s possible the adult version of Succumate will be available on other online storefronts. The adult version features alone time with Lilim and possibly other characters.

Succumate does not have a western release date at this time.

You can check out screenshots below:

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